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Test (24)

Učte se angličtinu online s a - každé pondělí, středu a pátek přinášíme videokurz pro začátečníky i mírně pokročilé. Dnes tu máme malý test.



1) What kind of aerobics does she like?

a) Jazz
b) Kick-boxing
c) Aqua

2) Why does she like this?

a) It's easy on the joints
b) It is very hard to do
c) It is just like high school

3) What kind of pies does she often make?

a) Apple
b) Pecan
c) Peach

4) What will she be baking this year?

a) Sugar cookies
b) Gingerbread cookies
c) Lemon drop cookies

5) How does she like her cookies to be?

a) Hard
b) Soft
c) Moist


1 C, 2 A, 3 B, 4 A, 5 B


Simon: Hi! What's your name?
Lesie: My name is Lesie Gregory.
Simon: And do you want to tell us about your hobbies?
Lesie: Sure, I'll tell you about my hobbies.
Simon: OK. What are they?
Lesie: My first hobby is going to the gym. I go to the gym three times a week. I do floor exercises, aerobics classes, swimming and I do weight training.
Simon: Of all those things, what are your favourites? What's your favourite? What's your favourite thing to do?
Lesie: My favourite thing to do is either swimming or what they call aqua-aerobics.
Simon: Aqua-aerobics? What's that?
Lesie: Well, actually, there's different kinds of aqua-aerobics. It's just like an aerobics class but it's in a swimming pool, so there's, so you're not putting pressure on your joints when you're jumping up and down.
Simon: Ah, cool! Any other hobbies?
Lesie: Yeah, um, because it's going to be Christmas soon, I'll be able to enjoy my hobby of baking.
Simon: So what kind of things do you bake?
Lesie: Oh, well, sometimes I bake pies, like pumpkin pies or pecan pie. Pecan pies are very famous where I come from in Florida because we have pecan trees and then sometimes I do cakes, like really rich cakes like red velvet cakes, or carrot cakes, but this year I'm going to be baking cookies.
Simon: Cookies! What kind of cookies, Leslie?
Lesie: Ah, let's see this year's cookies are going to be the traditional Christmas sugar cookie, which is a big cookie in a kind of a Christmas shape, like a Christmas tree or Santa Claus with icing or some coloured sugar, very yummy, and some M&M cookies with red a green M&M's.
Simon: Oh, wow! Sounds interesting! OK. I've got a question, or I've got something to ask you.
Lesie: Describe how your cookies taste? Use your three favourite adjectives? Three favourite adjectives? Soft, moist, and sweet!

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