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Pokrokový test (39)

Nový rok je zde a s ním i další díly našeho kurzu angličtiny. Od ledna má kurz novou podobu. Pracovní týden odstartujeme vždy písničkou, ve středu Vás čeká nová gramatika a slovní zásoba vč. cvičení s českým lektorem a v pátek pak poslech rodilých mluvčí.

1) Maria _____ Brazilian.
a) are b) am c) is d) be

2) Paul’s studying medicine because he wants to be a ______.
a) lawyer b) teacher c) doctor d) builder

3) Jim _____got a car.
a) doesn’t b) hasn’t c) isn’t d) haven’t

4) John is ______brother.
a) Peter’s b) Peter c) of Peter d) Peter his

5) What’s your _______sport?
a) important b) favourite c) beautiful d) nice

6) Excuse me. ______time please?
a) You have the b) What is c) Have you got the d) What

7) What time _______get up in the morning?
a) you b) do you c) are you d) you do

8) I usually ________at the supermarket on Saturday mornings.
a) go for a drink b) eat out c) do sport d) go shopping

9) What ________Mary for her birthday?
a) about buying b) shall we buy c) to buy d) let’s

10) My brother ______in London.
a) live b) lives c) is lived d) living

11) ______there a restaurant near here?
a) Are b) Have c) Do d) Is

12) Do you prefer to have _______a or a bath in your bathroom?
a) shower b) cooker c) washing machine d) fridge

13) How ______is the cheese sandwich please?
a) price b) much c) cost d) money

14) _______the food like at that Indian restaurant you went to last night?
a) Did you b) Was c) What was d) How did

15) I like _______because I like to laugh.
a) love stories b) comedies c) action films d) science fiction films

16) London is more _____than Paris.
a) dangerous b) bigger c) cleaner d) noisier

17) _______to go for a pizza this evening?
a) Do you like b) What do you want c) Would you rather d) Would you like

18) Look! It _______.
a) rains b) raining c) does rain d) is raining

19) Hello, _____I speak to Jane please?
a) can b) will c) do d) am

20) Peter loves giving presents, he’s very _____.
a) selfish b) shy c) lazy d) generous

21) What’s ________? You look upset.
a) bad b) happen c) matter d) wrong

22) If you do more exercise you will _______.
a) lose weight b) stop to smoke c) work less d) have a holiday

23) To get to the Post Office, _______at the end of this road.
a) go along b) go over c) turn right d) go past

24) Bye bye, George! ______a nice weekend!
a) Make b) Have c) Do d) Pass

25) BILL: I really love football. JIM:______ .
a) Neither do I b) So am I c) So do I d) Oh, I do

26) I _____18 years old when I started my first job.
a) were b) had c) was d) did

27) I didn’t ______TV last night.
a) watched b) watching c) watch d) not watched

28) My grandfather was born eighty years______ .
a) since b) last c) ago d) before

29) It was nice to meet you. See you _______, I hope.
a) later b) more c) always d) longer

30) Many people prefer jobs with flexible______ .
a) working hours b) office c) salary d) holiday pay

31) I’m _____sorry, but I can’t come to your party tonight.
a) much b) awful c) really d) such

32) John ______his wife in 2004.
a) has met b) met c) did he meet d) was met

33) I’m sure _______a great time at the party next Saturday.
a) we’ll have b) we’re having c) we have d) we go to have

34) How much time do you _______doing your English homework?
a) work b) give c) make d) spend

35) Are you going shopping? ________with you if you like.
a) I’ll come b) I come c) I’m coming d) I can be coming

36) Jane is the _______girl in her class.
a) richer b) more popular c) worse d) happiest

37) Excuse me, I _________if you could show me the way to the train station?
a) would like b) wonder c) may ask d) hope

38) You shouldn’t _______a lady how old she is.
a) asked b) ask c) asking d) to ask

39) In England people usually _____hands when they first meet.
a) kiss b) shake c) take d) put

40) Hurry up or we’ll _____our train!
a) lose b) fail c) catch d) miss


  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. B
  6. C
  7. B
  8. D
  9. B
  10. B
  11. D
  12. A
  13. B
  14. C
  15. B
  16. A
  17. D
  18. D
  19. A
  20. D
  21. D
  22. A
  23. C
  24. B
  25. C
  26. C
  27. C
  28. C
  29. A
  30. A
  31. C
  32. B
  33. A
  34. D
  35. A
  36. D
  37. B
  38. B
  39. B
  40. D

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Nový rok je zde a s ním i další díly našeho kurzu angličtiny. Od ledna má kurz novou podobu. Pracovní týden odstartujeme vždy písničkou, ve středu…

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